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Tempur Pedic
Tempur Pedic  was likely the first name you heard when you started shopping for a memory foam bed. Tempur Pedic ® was the first company to introduce memory foam to the consumer market, and for years they were the only ones in the game.

foam layersSleep Aid Mattresses
Today, Tempur Pedic ® beds are far from being the only ones available. Sleep Aid is one of the most recognizable names in memory foam. They built their reputation not with slick marketing and media savvy, but by selling incredible memory foam at incredible prices.

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Why Pay For a Famous Brand Name?
Tempur Pedic ® makes a great product, but Tempur Pedic® mattresses are also the most expensive memory foam beds on the market, by a wide margin. In fact, Tempur Pedic ® beds are about twice as expensive as Sleep Aid beds!

What Can You Expect From Tempur Pedic ®?
If you pay a premium for a Tempur Pedic ® pillow or Tempur Pedic ® mattress pad, you can count on the fact that Tempur Pedic ® will deliver a high quality product. The question is whether you are paying for the Tempur Pedic ® foam or the Tempur Pedic ® brand name.

Compare Tempur Pedic ® Classic Mattresses and Sleep Aid Dream Mattresses

Sleep Aid Savings : $1302.00!!!


Tempur Pedic ® Classic (Queen) Sleep Aid ®  Dream  (Queen)
Visco-Elastic Layer 5 inches 4 inches
Overall Depth 11 Inches 10.5 Inches
Mattress Cover Reinforced Cotton Reinforced Cotton
Warranty 20 Yrs. Limited 20 Yrs. Limited
Price $2,599.00 $1297.00

Sleep Aid vs Tempur Pedic
When you get down to the details, Sleep Aid Memory Foam Beds can go head to head with Tempur Pedic ® any day. In fact, Sleep Aid even surpasses the Tempur Pedic ® beds in some objective measures, like thickness of the memory foam layer. By selling at wholesale costs and always innovating., Sleep Aid is able to produce a great product at a great price.

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What Can A Warranty Tell You?
Warranties can give a good indication of the quality of a product. Obviously, the longer the warranty, the more confidence the manufacturer has in their product. Sleep Aid and Tempur Pedic ® both feature 20 Year warranties on their products, so you know that both products will stand the test of time.

Dare To Compare
Find out for yourself why Sleep Aid is the fastest growing memory foam brand in the country. We encourage all of our future customers to get a sample of our memory foam material and compare it to the other brands you find. We know we have the best foam on the market... let us prove it to you.

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