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King Size Platform Beds Make Bedrooms Feel Bigger

One of the best reasons to match a platform bed with your new memory foam mattress is that the low profile that platform beds provide makes bedrooms appear bigger! Having a low profile bed will open up the space in your bedroom so you can get away with upgrading to that king size bed you've always wanted or add an extra dresser with out adding clutter. Whichever option you choose, we recommend pairing your new memory foam mattress with a platform bed frame.

View contemporary platform bed frames

In today's world of condo's and apartment space can often be the number one concern for those looking to redecorate their bedroom. Like having a high ceiling, having a low profile platform bed can greatly enhance the space in your bedroom. For those looking to stay with a queen size memory foam mattress you will love the added feeling of space that a Queen platform bed can offer.

For those looking to upgrade to a larger size bed , California King platform beds are four inches narrower than a standard king size bed but four inches longer. California king platform beds are perfect for medium sized bedrooms where width is the limiting factor in your mattress size decision.

And finally King size platform beds are the ultimate choice when space permits for luxurious, spacious sleeping. King size platform beds take up less space that other types of bed frames without greatly reducing the appearance of space in your bedroom.

To make things easy, here's a guide with the different bed frame dimensions.

Queen Bed - 60 x 80
Olympic Queen Bed - 66 x 80
CA King Bed - 72 x 84
King Bed 76 x 80

Many platform beds come with slats vs. a solid platform foundation. You can still use your memory foam mattress with a bed that has slats if you create a flat surface first. One easy way to accomplish this is to purchase thin plywood to lay across the slats. Many home supply stores such as Home Depot will even cut down the plywood into smaller squares so you can easily fit them in your car.

Learn more about how to choose the right platform bed frame for your new bedroom .

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