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Asking if a memory foam mattress can really improve your health is like asking if sleep can improve your health. The answer, of course, is yes – sleep is a healing time, a time for the body to restore itself, and a time for the brain to process what it has learned throughout the day. Sleep also enhances mood, improves the nervous system, and increases immunity. No matter how you look at it, sleep is good for you!

The wrong mattress, however, may offset the benefits of sleep by causing you back problems or simply by not allowing you to sleep. If your spine is not aligned and your back is not properly supported while you sleep, you may wake up aching and tight-muscled. A supportive mattress is crucial to preventing such back problems.

Mattresses that do not properly support pressure points will cause you to toss and turn at night, preventing you from sleeping deeply and gaining the complete benefits of a good night’s rest. A memory foam topper can help, but only a full memory foam mattress can solve the problem.

Hygiene is also crucial to health, disease prevention, and allergy prevention. Mattresses that are too old or harbor colonies of dust mites and bacteria may aggravate your allergies or asthma.

In short, the right mattress can improve your sleep and all associated benefits, keep your back healthy, and prevent allergies. The wrong mattress can do just the opposite.

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