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Heat Reduction Channels
= Cool, Calm, and Ergonomically Corrected
Besides the high quality of Sleep Aids foam itself, Sleep Aid is the first company to solve  the problem
heat reduction channels
comfort zones
that has been memory foam's biggest drawback from the start. Viscoelastic memory foam, because of it's density and chemical makeup, simply holds a lot of heat. It's unfortunate, but memory foam is a very dense material, and it can quickly become hot and uncomfortable, especially in warm weather. Sleep Aid is the first to effectively address this issue with their HRC system. HRC stands for Heat Reduction Channels, and it involves a special finishing process that cuts deep ventilating grooves into the surface of the pad. This allows air to enter and circulate underneath the sheets, keeping you cooler. Excessive heat is the #1 complaint about memory foam, and Sleep Aid has solved the problem!

9 Comfort Zones
Not only do Sleep Aid's patented Heat Reduction Channel wick heat away while you sleep, but they have also divide your mattress into 9 comfort  zones.  As you can see in the image, the frequency of the grooves are progressively increased towards the head and feet.  These regions are softer for added comfort and maximum air flow, while the center is firmer to support your mid section.  These 9 comfort zones improve both spinal position and quality of sleep.  Just another Sleep Aid memory foam mattress advancement.

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