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Discount Memory Foam

Memory foam is incredible stuff. It is, however, a labor intensive product, and that means that it costs money. In recent years, quite a few new brands of discount memory foam have appeared on the market, many of them selling a product that is not of good quality.

You've probably seen this discount memory foam at your  local super store or wholesale warehouse. Sometimes, the lack of quality is obvious; cheap memory foam with no "memory", foam that visibly flakes and breaks down, even while it's still on the shelves. More troubling than this even, are the manufacturers who do a good job making their foam seem like a quality product.

Memory foam is a high technology product, and although it's certainly worth the money, it is a bit pricey. So remember, if you find a memory foam mattress topper at a price that just seems too good to be true, it probably is. Our memory foam mattress toppers and other products are made in America, and meet an exceptionally high standard of quality.

We buy directly from the manufacturer, and operate online with few overhead costs, we can offer the lowest prices anywhere. There is no need to settle for low quality, cheap memory foam. In fact, our prices are comparable to many of the discount memory foam brands found at the "mega-retailers", it's the Sleep Aid quality that has no comparison.

I Smell Trouble
Many brands use dangerous chemicals
like formaldehyde and other fixers in their manufacturing process. This can cause reactions for some people with very sensitive skin. More commonly though, these chemical residues give the foam a very powerful smell, similar to strong vinegar. Most people find this smell very unpleasant, and some people who are very sensitive may even find themselves unable to sleep on this type of a memory foam mattress topper. Some companies will even try to mask this smell with gimmicky mattress covers, in order to sell their cheap, discount memory foam at a higher price.

Buy American
discount memory foamMemory foam manufacturers operating overseas are not subject to the same regulatory  constraints as manufacturers at home.  Many Asian memory foam plants use toxic chemical that can actually make you sick.  In addition their quality is not closely monitored and the density you are paying for is not the density you will receive.   At A1Mattress, we prefer not to take any chances, so all of our products are produced in the USA.  Beware of cheap memory foam brands.  These rock bottom discount memory foam products are usually low quality foreign products.

Protecting Your Health, and Our Planet's Health Too
Unfortunately, memory foam produces some pretty ugly gases during the manufacturing process, like CFC's, the volatile gases that break down the ozone layer. Unless lots or care is taken, these gases can escape into our atmosphere. This is especially true of factories operating overseas, where environmental regulation is often less stringent than in the US. Because of the Sleep Aid vacuum sealed manufacturing process, gases are contained, and can be safely captured before they can damage the environment. Sleep Aid is the Green choice for memory foam. A healthier planet, a healthier you.

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