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Wall Fountains and Memory Foam Mattresses: an Unbeatable Combination for Great Sleep

Approximately 58% of adult Americans suffer from some form of insomnia at least three nights a week.  Most often, stress or anxiety is responsible for the sleep disorder, although back and joint pain are also common culprits.  Some people can’t get to sleep simply because they live in noisy environments, like apartment buildings on major city streets.  And sometimes, an extremely comfortable bed simply is not enough.  As great and relaxing as memory foam mattresses are, for example, they cannot always guarantee a sound, healthy night’s sleep.  Not even those that are perfectly formed to your body.  So what do you do?  How do you get a sound night’s sleep on those nights when a memory foam mattress is just not enough on its own?

Well, one great way to help you relax and fall into a deep sleep is to invest in a decorative and functional water fountain.

Wall fountains boast a wide variety of invaluable benefits, but when you install one in your bedroom, they can help you get some much needed sleep too!  There are two essential reasons for this: these indoor wall fountains produce sleep-aiding white noise, and air-purifying negative ions.
Many people can’t sleep when there is too much noise around them.  Conversely, many people can’t sleep in complete silence either.  White noise, a multi-frequency sound, solves this problem by masking obnoxious noises with a subtle sound that won’t interfere with your sleep. Imagine laying down in your memory foam mattress, drifting off to the soft sounds of gently falling water.   

Wall water fountains also produce negative ions, which are airborne particles that neutralize bioaerosols and other impurities in the air.  These negative ions are a natural byproduct of the cascading water: these particles are formed when water crashes down into the fountain basin, breaking the bonds holding water molecules together.  By removing impurities, bioaerosols, and even dust particles from the atmosphere, negative ions play a key role in mitigating asthma and respiratory problems.  This means when it’s time to go to sleep, you can dream soundly while breathing fresh, pure air.

As you can see, there is simply no better combination for effective, healthy sleep than a memory foam mattress and a wall fountain.  The indoor fountain will help you relax as it bolsters your respiratory health and clears your mind of unnecessary noise, and the memory foam mattress will provide an orthopedically healthy, immensely comfortable sleeping surface that will make the most of your nightly rhythms.  Now, that’s what I call blissful, perfect sleep!

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