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Memory Foam Buyer's Guide

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Mattresses or Toppers?

Question: Do I Need To Buy a Full Mattress?
Short Answer: Maybe.

This is the biggest decision youíll have to make when you buy your memory foam. You have two basic choices; a full mattress, or what is known as a topper. As the name suggests, a topper is a layer of foam, from 1 to 4 inches thick, that you place on top of your existing mattress.

A full mattress, on the other hand, is built with several layers of foam that are all designed to work together. Needless to say, a full mattress is the best way to go. Because there are several foam densities built into the design, your body is supported in exactly the right ways. The only problem with the full mattress, though? Theyíre not cheap. The good news is that they have a much longer lifespan than traditional spring mattresses, and many companies offer extensive warranties. Some, like Sleep Aid actually guarantee their foam for twenty years. So, while itís certainly a hefty chunk of cash, itís also a pretty sensible investment.

Question: Is A Topper Still Worth It?
Short Answer: Absolutely

For many people, a topper will work just fine. It can give a lot of the same benefits, and wonít require a second mortgage. Even with a  topper though, you should be prepared to spend a few hundred bucks. It may seem like a lot, until you realize that the average person spends about a third of their life in bed. When you think about it that way, it doesnít seem like so much money.

Question: Can I Use A Topper With My Old Mattress?
Short Answer: Maybe

The first thing to remember is that a piece of foam is only as good as the foundation itís resting on. If your existing spring mattress is in pretty good condition, with no sags or soft spots, a topper may be all that you need. As a general rule though, if your spring mattress is more than five years old, youíll be better off with a full mattress. If your mattress has dips or other inconsistencies, it probably wonít allow your memory foam to do its job.


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