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Memory Foam Buyer's Guide

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Introduction and Price Guidelines

If you’re reading this buyer’s guide, then you’ve obviously heard about memory foam. You may have heard it called space foam, or visco-elastic foam. The fact is, memory foam is becoming more and more popular these days, and with good reason. It can do some pretty amazing things. By now you’ve seen the diagrams, you’ve heard the testimonials… maybe you’ve even hopped on for a test nap. The next step is to start shopping.

Once you take this step, you will begin to realize that there is quite a lot of information out there. There are a lot of companies making competing claims, and it can be hard to sort it all out. The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to provide the reader with some basic information about memory foam so that they can make informed decisions.

Question: Can I Find High Quality Foam That’s Still Inexpensive?

Short Answer: Yes, BUT…only within reason.

There are only a few well established memory foam brands on the market. Most everybody is familiar with brands like Sleep Aid, for example, probably the most recognizable name in memory foam.

You may also have noticed the recent explosion of lower cost brands on the market. Many of these newer brands are producing a decidedly lower quality of foam, made mostly in Asian factories. This kind of foam typically doesn’t have anywhere near the density of the more expensive brands, and it tends to be far less durable.

Does that mean that the most expensive foam is the best? Definitely not. Lucky for us, memory foam isn’t just in the malls anymore.  There are high-quality alternatives that are reasonably priced, but this product is not dirt cheap.

For a good memory foam topper, you should expect to pay anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00, depending on size, density and thickness. (More on those things later.) A high quality memory foam mattress shouldn’t cost more than $2,400.00, for a king. As a general rule, if you see memory foam available at an unbelievably low price, beware. If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is.


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