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The Benefits of Sleep and Memory Foam Mattresses

The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep
Sleep is one of the most important things we do in a day. Sleep gives both our minds and our body’s time to recharge and repair themselves, and is absolutely essential to life. Science is still struggling to understand some of the most basic questions about sleep, but what is certain, is that sleep is as important to life as eating and breathing, and should be regarded as crucial part of every person's day.

The benefit of a good night's sleep is, quite simply, health. Sleep allows our bodies to repair damage done during the day, and allows our brains to function at normal levels of alertness. There is also a strong connection between growth and sleep, especially for younger people, as the secretion of growth hormones increases when the body is at rest. Sleep is also essential to normal immune functions. Clinical trials have shown a reduction in white blood cells in test subjects who were denied adequate sleep. Studies have also shown that lab rats who were denied sleep actually died within about ten days, mainly as a result of immune deficiencies.  Having a comfortable bed such as a memory foam mattress can really improve the quality and duration of your sleep

How Much Sleep Do We Need?
How much sleep we need at night is determined by a number of factors, including age and particular personal requirements. Infants typically require about 14-16 hours of sleep per day. As we progress into adolescence, the body will require anywhere from eight to eleven hours a day, and by the time we reach adulthood, the average individual needs only seven or eight hours of sleep per night for normal function.

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