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How do Air Mattresses Compare with Memory Foam?

By adjusting the amount of air in the mattress, one can achieve a reasonable balance between conforming and bulging. This is not true conformity, because the volume of air never changes, it is simply displaced to the sides. Even still, for some people, this can reduce pressure points to a more comfortable level when compared with traditional inner-spring mattresses.

Air mattresses seem to have an inconsistent track record as far as customer satisfaction. Heavier individuals especially seem to have problems, as air beds tend to be rather small. There is also a tendency for the partner on the firm side of the bed to roll toward the softer side due to the fact that the softer side sags more than the firmer side.

One of the most appealing aspects of both types of mattresses are their ability to isolate movement. Each partner can move freely, without disturbing the other. There is probably more research to support the health benefits of memory foam mattresses, and air mattresses seem to be rather hit-or-miss as far as customer satisfaction.

If some basic minimum requirements are met, mattresses tend to be largely a matter of preference as far as comfort is concerned. One should always evaluate a mattress on how good one feels when one gets up in the morning, not when lying down at night.  It's the long term comfort for your back that really separates quality mattresses from the rest.

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