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Visco elastic foam
technical term for "Memory Foam".

what puts the "memory" in memory foam beds

HRC-Heat Reduction Channels
A special finishing process that cuts deep ventilating grooves into the surface of the pads allowing air to enter and circulate underneath the sheets, keeping you cooler.

ABC-Asymmetrical Bio Couture
The shape of our pillows that is scientifically designed to assist in full spinal alignment all the way up the neck to complete the memory foam sleep system.

Line of memory foam mattress toppers from SleepAid that comes in a 2 inch 4lb or a 3 inch 4lb pad.

SMT-Surface Modification Technology
Patented grooves built exclusively in SleepAid products that keep you cool with no heat build up like other flat memory foam mattresses.

Comfort Zone
The frequency of the grooves from the Heat Reduction Channels increase near 9 important comfort zones, like the head and foot areas. These regions are softer and for added comfort and air flow, while the center is firmer to support your midsection. This improves quality of sleep and spinal position.

Dream Series
The line of memory foam mattress toppers from SleepAid comes in a 2 or 3 inch option and has a 5 lb density, one of the highest in the industry.

Designed to lie on top of a pre-existing quality mattress, this option is made from the same quality memory foam but is not a stand-alone mattress.

Resting consistency
The type of density your memory foam mattress or topper retains when not in use, regardless of surrounding temperature.

Memory foam
Originally developed by NASA, using this memory foam contours to an individual's frame and skeletal system.

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