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The BodySoft Line of Memory Foam Bed Toppers

The BodySoft line from memory foam bed toppers represents the ultimate combination of value and quality in memory foam bed toppers. This line of foam products has a four pound density, perfect for college dorms or guest rooms, or anywhere else that you want a little extra comfort.

free shippingHRC is the revolutionary technology that put Sleep Aid on the map. It allows air to circulate beneath you as you sleep, ensuring a cool, comfortable night's rest. A1 recommends HRC technology for every customer, because for many people it is a critical part of a perfect nights sleep.

 4lb BodySoft by   sleep aid

2 inch 4lb with HRCTM 3 inch 4lb with HRCTM

37 x 74 inches

$197  Add to Cart $227 Add to Cart

Twin XL
37 x 80 inches

$209  Add to Cart $257  Add to Cart
54 x 74 inches
$239 Add to Cart $357  Add to Cart
60 x 80 inches
$297 Add to Cart $397 Add to Cart
76x 80 inches
$367 Add to Cart $497 Add to Cart
Cali King
72 x 84 inches
$367 Add to Cart  $497 Add to Cart

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*A note on thickness:  If your existing mattress already has a pillow top, a two inch topper will provide the proper amount of support. People who sleep on their stomach should consider a two inch pad as well. Outside of these special circumstances, a three inch memory foam bed topper is always the best choice for a memory foam bed pad.

memory foam bed toppers graphic If you're not happy with your memory foam bed pad, neither are we!  We offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, less small return fee.

Please Note: All memory foam toppers are made to order. As such, please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.

Click here to learn more about what a memory foam bed pad can do for you and your health.

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