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What Can Memory Foam Do For You?

NASA memory foam, also called visco-elastic foam, was developed for the space program in the 1970's, although it was never actually used in the shuttle. It was created as a material for the astronauts' flight chairs, to help reduce pressure points caused by the G-forces generated during during lift off. A few years later, it entered the medical field for use in hospital beds, and before long, it was showing up in people's bedrooms. New technology and production processes and have solved many of the old problems, like heat buildup and durability, and now memory foam can be found in homes around the world.

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Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Toppers: It's All About Support

What makes visco-elastic foam so valuable as a bed material? In a word, it's support. The unique properties of a visco-elastic memory foam mattress pad allow the bed to actually mold to yourback support body, eliminating pressure points. Pressure points are the areas on the body that press hardest into the bed. For example, if you're a side sleeper, your shoulder is your biggest pressure point. Normally, it bears much of the weight of your body. A visco-elastic foam pad allows your shoulder to sink deep into the pad, while h

ips and other areas are still supported. Not only does this eliminate pressure points that cause restless sleep, numbness and poor circulation, it also has huge benefits for the spine, allowing vertebrae to be aligned naturally, which reduces back pain.
body support

No More Mites or Restless Nights
Did you know that every time you go to sleep on your regular mattress, there are millions of tiny, eight legged bugs eating your skin?

Not a pretty thought, huh? Well, they're called dust mites, and almost every internal spring mattress has its own native population. Besides being creepy, dust mites are a leading cause of allergies and can cause respiratory problems and even asthma attacks. One of the major advantages of visco-elastic memory foam mattress toppers and mattresses, is that they do not provide an environment for dust mites to call home. Mites prefer areas of high humidity, with lots of skin cells to feast on, and they like to be able to set up shop inside your mattress, so that they have a nice place to wait out inhospitable conditions. When dust mites can't nest inside your mattress, it's harder for them to reproduce, and fewer mites means fewer problems.

What Makes Sleep Aid Different?

Sleep Aid is the only brand name you'll find on this website. That's because we believe that Sleep Aid makes the best visco-elastic memory foam pads on the market today. There are a  few reasons for this...

Sleep Aid Defies Gravity

One reason that we think Sleep Aid is the best is the process by which Sleep Aid foam is produced. Many manufacturers, including the leading "mall" brand, still use an old process for foam production that basically involves a bunch of giant cookie sheets. Liquid foam is poured into trays and allowed to cool. The drawback to this process is that gravity causes the liquid foam to become more dense at the bottom of the tray as it cools. The result is a batch of foam that can vary wildly in density, from the top to the bottom layers. Sleep Aid uses the much more modern technique of vacuum injection, whereby foam is produced in a vacuum chamber, ensuring a uniform density throughout.

HRC = Cool, Calm, and Ergonomically Corrected

Besides the high quality of Sleep Aids foam itself, sleep aid was also the first company to solve  the problem that was memory foam's biggest drawback fro the start. Visco-elastic memory foam, because of it's density and chemical makeup, simply holds a lot of heat. It's unfortunate, buttopper memory foam is a very dense material, and it can quickly become hot and uncomfortable, especially in warm weather. Sleep aid was the first to effectively address this issue with their HRCsystem. HRC stands for Heat Reduction Channels, and it involves a special finishing process that cuts deep ventilating grooves into the surface of the pad. This allows air to enter and circulate underneath the sheets, keeping you cooler. Excessive heat is the #1 complaint about memory foam, and Sleep Aid has solved that problem.  This is not the first time the heat issue has been addressed, and for those of us in the industry who have seen many a talented engineer defeated by the problem, the HRC system is an impressive accomplishment.

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Our Promise to Our Customers

It's simple; if you're not satisfied with your topper, we aren't either. If you have ANY problems with any memory foam topper from A1, just send it back to us within 90 days, and we'll give you your money back. It's that easy.

Customer Service
If you have questions or comments, give us a call, and one of our friendly foam experts will be around to answer whatever questions you might have. And of course, you can place an order over the phone too. We hope to hear from you soon.

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